Two letters, copied to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson


[A small Burrowing Owl delivers two separate, prettily wrapped packages, one to the Watson house and the other to the sprawling Holmes manor. Tied to the top of both packages are neatly addressed envelopes, the names ‘John Watson’ and ‘Sherlock Holmes’ written on them in dark purple ink, and the tiny owl seems…almost reproachful when it delivers them to their intended recipients.]

Dear Sherlock and John,

I thought about not sending these letters at all. I’m not all that good at this sort of thing -confrontation?- but I wanted to let you both know that I realized what you did. Or what you tried to do through your brother, Sherlock. (I suppose this letter is sort of directed at him as well, but I doubt someone like him would bother to talk to me unless you prodded him to anyway.)

I wouldn’t have realized, you know, if I hadn’t been sick. I missed my lunch with Jim -you probably know that, don’t you?- and I was laid up in bed when John’s owl arrived. And I thought that it was quite…nice. To be invited to lunch with the two of you. I was going to say no, though, that I already had plans, but I was too sick to write a note back.

I guess when I didn’t respond, that’s when Sherlock’s brother decided to write me? Telling me that he’d heard great things about me. Was that even true? It was so out of the blue that I was confused, especially with the offer to be his apprentice…

But then I saw the time. During lunch. Just like John’s offer. Very specifically during lunch. My lunch, with Jim, which I had told you about, Sherlock, and I’m sure you told John too.

I was very angry at the time, but it wasn’t as though I could say anything when I was ill, and maybe that was good. It gave me some time to think about things. I’m still a bit upset, but I didn’t want to mess up what I wanted to say, which is this:

I like to think that we’re friends. At least sort of. I’m sure that you have good intentions, I really am, but instead all you did was made me feel like you think I’m dim and not clever enough to realize when you’re going above my head. If you have a real, serious problem with Jim for some reason, maybe you could’ve come and talked to me about it in person, rather than making up lies to keep me away from him.

My opinion probably doesn’t count for much, but I think that maybe if the lot of you started being honest with people instead of trying to make everything complicated, you might be able to sort out…a lot more than just my lunch plans.

There aren’t any hard feelings or anything, I guess. If either of you want to talk with me, you always can. But I am going to spend time with Jim, and I wanted to ask you to please not try to interfere again. It’s…important to me, okay?

Anyway, I’m finished now. It is the holidays, and I wanted to say Happy Christmas, too, especially since I didn’t see you before I left. I hope your gifts arrived safely with the letters. They aren’t much, but I thought of you when I saw them. Have a wonderful break, and I’ll see you next term.

- Molly Hooper

[In the red and gold package addressed to John, there is a book:

There is a note tucked inside it that reads ‘I know you like mysteries (haha) and this one is a classic. It’s my favourite, I hope you enjoy it too. -MH’

The blue and bronze package is heavier, there are two things inside it. A tin of homemade biscuits, and a scarf with a note folded up in it:

'You have your blue one, of course, but I thought one with a bit of red in it might suit you too for some reason. Also, maybe you can share the biscuits with your brother, if you want. ‘Tis the season. -MH’ ]

hoglocklestrade-deactivated2014 sent: Hey, Molly. Dunno if you knew- but, well, you know now, I got you for the Hufflepuff Secret Santa. Left your gift on your trunk, yeah? 's not much, one of those talking planner-type things. I've adjusted the settings cause it's dead annoying normally, but this one'll just remind you when you're starting and ending things- so you don't overwork yourself, and all, haha. Hope it's not too weird? Well, anyway, Happy Christmas, Molly. See you after break. -GL

Happy Christmas, Greg! The planner was really lovely, I’ve already written in all our assignments and things. It’s going to be so useful. Also, I’m so sorry I didn’t get to see you before we left for break, I was nearly living in the Hospital Wing for the last few days. I hope you like the box of Christmas biscuits I sent along, though. My mum and I bake them every year.

I’ll see you after break! -MH

hoglockjim sent: Hey Molly! I just wanted to, er, wish you a happy holidays as I probably won't get to see you before you go. Merry Christmas, and I'll see you when you get back! (:

Oh, goodness, Jim, I am so sorry! I feel terrible for missing our lunch again, I came down with this awful bout of flu and spent the last few days either in my room or the Hospital Wing drinking Pepper Up potions. I wish I’d gotten to say goodbye before I left, couldn’t even do that.

It’s all been so silly, hasn’t it? But I do want to have that lunch, really. After we get back from hols, maybe? I promise I’ll be there this time. And that no horrible, nosy boys will interfere with it.


Well, we can’t have you doing homework, isn’t that what’s been occupying your time for the past couple of weeks?
All the more reason to meet for lunch!
In fact, I have a free period afterwards if you’re not doing anything.
I’m not the best at Divination, but I can give you a hand if you like.
I just finished my Defence Against the Dark Arts essay on Boggarts, so it’ll give me something to do. (:

See you soon, I’m looking forward to it!

That would be nice! I’m not having trouble with it so much as I don’t really like the subject at all. The dream diary seems so…I don’t know, I hate to say it, but it seems kind of pointless. All my dreams are about Sherlock and you and stupid things like failing classes or arriving at a ball naked or other horrible things anyway…

I definitely need a break, though, everyone says so. Can’t wait! :)

hoglockholmes sent: You're... having lunch with Jim Brook? Did he ask you to have lunch with him? -SH

Um, yes, sort of. We had plans awhile ago, but then there was that whole…thing? With the potion in everyone’s food. And then I was so busy, so we didn’t talk. But— But now everything’s sorted, and so we made plans to have lunch tomorrow.

I…why do you ask? -MH

Anonymous sent: What's your PatrOnus?

Erm, well, I’ve never cast one, I’m really not much good at all at Defense Against the Dark Arts. I…I honestly hope I never need to. I’ve only seen pictures of the Dementors, and it’s not as though I’m going to be meeting any dark wizards any time soon either.

Still, I guess I will have to manage it soon enough, if only for schoolwork. I hope it’s something nice. I mean, obviously it would be, but you know. A cat, maybe? Toby always makes me happy.

hoglockholmes sent: Hello Molly. I apologize for neglecting this week's project, I've been a bit... preoccupied. I've finished copying your notes from last class, if you'd like them back. -SH

Oh, it’s— It’s fine, yes. I’ve noticed that you’ve been…I mean I’ve heard that…It’s been quite busy for everyone recently, hasn’t it? What with pretty girls and love potions and ….everything. I do need them back, yes. I need to go over them tonight so I can meet Jim for lunch tomorrow… -MH

hoglocklestrade-deactivated2014 sent: Nah- no such thing as too ordinary. Why don't you come down to the Common Room in a bit? If you want and all. You can watch me pathetically lose to Raj Patil for the seventh time at wizard's chess and then we can just, yeah, chat. -GL

That would be nice. I’ll be down in a bit, I just have to finish feeding Toby. And I could help you, if you want. I can play Muggle chess and do just fine, but I can’t get a new magic set and the older pieces won’t listen to me. -MH

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hoglocklestrade-deactivated2014 sent: 'Interesting' is one way to put it. Well, all that ruckus's starting to blow over now. A bit. Sort of. As for me, I'm alright, mostly. a lot on my mind, I suppose, but it'll get sorted out. You? -GL

You know, um, if you need to talk about anything, I could…I can actually listen pretty well. It probably doesn’t seem like it, since I’ve always got my nose in a book, but I wouldn’t mind at all. Not that you need it, I mean, I just thought-Just so you know.

I’m doing fine. Already a bit nervous about OWLs, but I guess compared to mixups with love potions and pretty Beauxbatons girls all of it seems too ordinary to mention. -MH

hoglocklestrade-deactivated2014 sent: Glad to see you around the Common Room again, Molly. Almost wondered if you'd drowned in your ink, but honestly, I understand completely- well, you know how me and Transfig don't really get on. -GL

It’s good to see you too, Greg! I’m sure everyone else was wondering the same thing. I just get so worried about the Transfiguration essays, they’re absolutely awful and not my best subject at all.

So, um, how are you? I’ve heard that everything got sort of…interesting while I was away? I guess I should pay a bit more attention. -MH